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The hosting tangle.

A lot of free hosting spaces are available on the internet.

But think about how stressful it is going to be when you realize that you need to own the space to be able to exercise full control over it. It becomes even more stressful when you realize that you do not have a choice, but to shift to a better hosting space, at the cost of all the search engine efforts that have already been done once, which can drop your rankings with Google and other top search engines, because you have to start afresh.

How we unravel.

OmniMonk works with partnered hosting providers to provide you with a reliable, secure and safe hosting solution, which not only provides you with a flexible framework but always ensures 24×7 up-time and support, customizable control panel and easy to install one-click applications.

We help create a pleasurable domain and hosting experience that will instill confidence into the customer that their need for a long-term and stable web space is met and their entire requirement of space, security and stability is taken care of, with the best customer service a business can expect, keeping in mind the complexities of each business.

Why do you need rock solid hosting?

  • You can manage your hosting space entirely.
  • Avail scalable and unlimited hosting space.
  • Manage all your blogs, domains and email addresses in one place.
  • 99.9% up-time guaranteed.
  • Ads-free hosting, if that is what you want!
  • Instant support for all your queries and issues you raise, within reasonable time.

Anticipatory customer support

Get personalized support from professionals in case you need help with any of our services. Reach out anytime. We’re available on call, email and instant messaging for your convenience during business hours.

OmniMonk also provides an extensive knowledge base, offering detailed help guides for domain, hosting and email services.

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