Graphics and Print Design

Pictures can speak a thousand words.

A visual treat gives people the best first impression.

Pictures, graphics, illustrations and presentations bring to life the imagination of minds. In the corporate business world today, we have a variety of challenges that makes it necessary to present various data in a way that makes data visualization a simple task.

Touch of originality.

At OmniMonk, we believe in visualizing what your mind sees, and creating interactive, appealing, creative design spaces, that challenge your imagination. We promise that the outcome of our graphic illustration and presentation will go far beyond your anticipation. Every illustration released from our graphic studio is a unique creation with the touch of originality and conveys the intended message with a subtly strong design. The acute attention to detail, focus on simple but effective ways to represent each concept and design aspirations makes our effort stand out from the rest.

Grab the attention of your target audience.

Graphics designed by OmniMonk have a particularly strong appeal to it that is hard for the viewer to miss. The perfect placement of elements, design, graphic, choice of colours and typography, aesthetics, application of golden ratio, keylines, and attention to symmetry, all put together makes each work an attention-grabbing masterpiece.

Enhance your corporate identity.

We work on every aspect of design right from presentations with powerful info-graphics, flowcharts, and illustrations that simplifies the experience of understanding complex data, to promotional animated videos, signage and brochures, that act as a true reflection of your brand. Our expert team works on creating story boards, sketches, vectors and backdrops which are ready-to-use solutions, requiring no additional effort at the customer-end to be implemented.

Get the best in the industry.

Graphic illustrations and presentations by OminMonk have an added advantage because of the state-of-art technologies and brain-storming creative minds. Creative ideation, visualization, hand-drawn illustrations, Computer-aided design, combined with narrative design makes our design match the best design theaters in the industry.

Why do we need to Pay Attention to Graphics

  • Graphics create an impression more easily, when used with the right text, of course!
  • Easier to interpret and less time to understand if communicated appropriately
  • Images are attention-grabbing, if placed properly in the right context
  • Flashing the right images to show yourself in better light will help grab more sales
  • It’s a treat to the eyes!

Impress your audience with striking designs.

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